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Tulip gin glass Lynsey Johnstone


Studio working Lynsey Johnstone
LynseyJohnstone - Artist - Devon

At the Early Age of my life were spent living in the rural settings of Dumfries and Galloway.  From a very early age I was often at my fathers heels as he worked on the local farms, spending much of my childhood in the Idyllic Scottish settings all year round. Coastal scenery, extended views of the rolling hills, glens, livestock, and wildlife all influenced my art from an early age, but it was the beauty and the intense colours of my grandmothers garden that is still reflected in my art today.

As I paint, I cherish these memories shared with her, adoring the impressiveness of our many hours of nurture in the garden.

My art was a passionate hobby through late childhood and early adult life and was a part of my education. It remained a hobby and a way of expressing myself throughout university years, allowing me to recollect my cherished memories from home, as I perused my career in Nursing. 
Through the years I have experimented with several styles and techniques.  Today I mainly use acrylics with other mixed media; in fact you will be able to find some touches of glitter in my artwork. As I paint I like to create the texture effect of being surrounded by the landscape, adding depth to the scene. I love to use the technique of flicking paint to create chaos of wild grown grass and flower stems, creating a contradicting scene of picturesque pandemonium. I heavily use acrylics to capture the beauty and depth of colours and shapes of my flowers.
It was the move to Devon in my later years and a diagnoses of breast cancer where I was given the opportunity to define myself as an artist, helping me to realise my ambition that art can be a way of life for me.


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